Kerville Family

December 18, 2021

This family was so sweet!! They rented a house in Kerrville to get together and Ive never been to Kerville so it was a site to see! The backyard was the river and a beautiful sunset! They were so silly and outgoing I loved photographing this family! Everyone had a joke to tell or something clever to say and kept me on my toes! Some were from Boston which happens to be my fave city although Ive never been there but is my dream to visit one day. Im a huge patriots football team fan if yall didnt already know lol. I loved how close this family was and so loving. They were celebrating Pam, grandmas 80th Birthday and I know they had a great time. There was volleyball, campfire, and the river and a beautiful pool with a waterfall to swim in. I def want to rent this place out one day! This gallery was perfect to display a fall setting!

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