Pagan vow renewal

January 13, 2022

Anyone ever been to a Pagan Vow renewal? I had the pleasure of photographing one and it was so magical. They celebrated 10 years and did rituals during the ceremony which was really cool! Her dress was long, elegant and black with a amethyst crown. She looked stunning! It was held during the day so sunlight was very harsh but we made it work. We usually shoot an hour before sunset but due to their schedule we had to accommodate. This session still turned out beautiful.

This was taken at 3pm in harsh sunlight which we never recommend but we got the shot! Golden hour is the best time to have a session which is an hour before sunset!
These were used for the rituals during the ceremony. It was awesome!

The rope tied in a knot is a ritual they do and the colors they choose represent them and their relationship!

The reception was so cool with fog and smoke while they danced their first dance! They even played grunge music from the 90’s!!!

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