Newborn sessions 

I would highly recommend Amber to everyone. She took amazing pictures and was very patient with the little ones. My son will have these great memories for years. Thank you so much.

Rose m.

Amber did an awesome job capturing me and my little family!! She was very patient with my little rug rats. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!

Adriana A.

"Amber did an AMAZING job shooting our family pics! We are so grateful to know such a talented photographer! We definitely recommend her to the rest of our family and friends!"

Tracy L.

Thanks so much for considering me for the honor of creating beautiful photos for your family. It is my hope that together we craft not only awesome memories, but gorgeous, timeless images as well.

My style is photo journalistic, I love capturing families playing, snuggling, being goofy, and just loving on each other. I will always do my best to get that one desired shot of everyone looking and smiling at me, but will for the most part, be giving piggyback rides to your kids, encouraging dads to show off their kid-flipping skills, having little ones give moms their BEST hugs EVER, and fun stuff like that.


what's included with each Newborn session

4 set ups + one outfit
2-3 hours custom styled session

exclusive access to Amber's client closet and extensive collection of newborn outfits and props,   

a certified and licensed photographer with thousands of hours of education +over 10 experience


We recommend booking your newborn session before your little one arrives usually in your second trimester. That way, you have plenty of  time to plan + style your session without feeling rushed. Then when baby does arrive you will simply need to reach out to us, and we will find the perfect date and time for your session.

The sweet spot for photographing newborns is when they are under 21 days  old, but we absolutely photograph newborns up to 6 weeks old.  If baby was early we adjust the age to younger and when due date was.

We also have an amazing collection for rainbow babies and twin sets. Our collection includes wraps, hats, headbands, bonnets, stuffies, props, backdrops, wreaths and more. We obtain new items weekly for our studio, however; we do suggest that if you have special ideas or request that you call or email us before your session.

Check out  images from our website or social media pages that appeal to them to give us an idea of the types of images you would like created.

Mom's we got you covered

We've got the props!

When to book 

We offer new Mothers access to our extensive wardrobe of pre and postpartum gowns, as well as their daughters.

When bringing your own clothing for yourself, Dads or siblings, we suggest solid and simple clothing that is void of any distracting patterns.Keep clothing in similar tonal ranges for complimentary couple and family posing.

Little or big boys should compliment the rest of the family. We suggest long pants and shoes are optional.

Choose your spot

We gladly offer 2 options for your session location. 

Our In-Studio sessions are perfect if you are looking for timeless images of your new little love. Our extensive selection of newborn props + setups means that you get a variety of looks for your newborn gallery.

We also offer our Newborn in Nature sessions. These sessions are perfect if you are looking for something more rustic and dreamy and are held at one of our approved outdoor locations in the evenings before sunset. 

Hair and Make-up services are added to any session for an additional fee

want to be pampered by my glam squad

My professional hair + make-up artists are waiting to totally spoil you as prepare for your photo session. If you are interested, please let me know and I will gladly connect you with my amazing glam squad 

tips for your session

Clean and classic solid color background
Classic cake Included With Your Session
Your Gallery Will Include Clean + Messy Images
Online Viewing Gallery 

It's never too early to plan your little one's

For their first birthday!

CAKE SMASH session

Cake Smash included in my Grow With Me Bundle

our Grow with me bundle is the perfect way to capture all the important moments of Baby's first year

The Grow With Me Bundle includes

Family Maternity Experience
Family and Newborn Experience
3-month Milestone Mini Session with Mama
6-month Milestone Mini Session
12-month Simple Cake Smash Session
12 images from each milestone session
20 images from newborn and maternity and cake smash
Mini album at the end of the year

grow with me bundle 

When do you schedule your newborn sessions?

Newborns are photographed in the morning only, USUALLY. The babies under two weeks are scheduled at 10am and babies over 2 weeks are scheduled at 10am. Babies 4—6 weeks are scheduled at 11 or 1.

Newborn babies under 2 weeks generally are best first thing in the morning as they have been up all night. As they get older they are more awake in the morning, which is why we schedule the older babies a tiny bit later. We have learned from experience that newborns in the afternoon or early evening are generally not as comfortable, and therefore we do not photograph newborns at this time. There is an exception to those wanting a "Newborns in Nature" outdoor session. More information is available further along in this guide.

Newborn scheduling is ideal when done in advance, however; we accommodate new bookings daily. If a newborn session has not been scheduled in advanced, we do ask that clients call or email within 24 hours of giving birth with the newborn statistical information. 

How many weeks old should my baby be for the session?

Most newborns are scheduled anywhere from 8-14 days after the birth. The timeframe usually varies based on the baby weight and progression. A baby born around 5-6 lbs may be scheduled around the 14th day, whereas a baby born 7-8 or 9 lbs, may be scheduled around 8-12 days. We do suggest newborns be scheduled within the first t21 days.

A newborn is considered so for 6 weeks. As a newborn progresses in development, the bones harden, and they tend to "uncurl" and stretch out more. A newborn photo session can successfully be achieved at any of these weeks with special care and prep. This guide should help in providing this information, for newborns of any age.

It is important to understand that newborns are not turned away for their age, however; certain poses may not be possible as they get older.

What if my baby cries?

Babies are babies and they will cry! We do everything we can to soothe and comfort them and surround them with a comfortable environment. We have been working with newborns for 9 years straight and as a Mother myself has many soothing techniques and tips. If baby just is not having it then we will reschedule, we never force baby! 

I forgot to schedule a newborn session is it too late?

It is never too late to have your baby photographed. It is important to manage expectations of a session. Curly sleepy newborn photos are never guaranteed but usually achieved with babies under 2 weeks. A 6 week baby may sleep during a session and have awake time, but may not be able to curl into womb positions or want to be wrapped. We do believe that generally babies can be successfully photographed at any age.


What if my baby doesn't sleep?

Many babies do not sleep through their session. Some are wide awake the entire time!! We can usually still achieve some amazing images, especially if they are wrapped!


Is there retouching? My baby has acne and my toddler has a scratch on their nose!

YES! There is always retouching available. Standard retouching is included, such as removal of acne or assistants who are spotting. For more advanced changes, such as headswaps or color changes, they may require an additional charge.


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Amber is San Antonio’s Elite Family + Newborn Photographer. She has been spoiling her clients and serving the local area from her home-studio for the last 8 years. She is a certified Accredited Professional Newborn Photographer, has passed several safety courses, and has compled her degree in photography 2022. Amber’s award- winning work has been featured in numerous international photography publications.