December 18, 2021

These baby’s were a dream to work with. We all know twins are hard to photograph because one baby will be asleep and the other awake or crying. Not these baby’s they slept for me the whole time and made my job so easy! Mom wanted a Christmas theme so we came up with a few set ups and they came out so good! They were only a few weeks old. We typically do 5-14 days but baby or baby’s need to be at least 6 pounds to shoot the session. Even though tiny baby’s are adorable we want them to weigh enough for health purposes. I had alot of twins in 2021 probably 10 sets to be exact. Seems like everyone is having twins. But that’s ok because I absolutely love twins. My goal for 2022 is a set of triplets. Yep that’s right triplets haha!! May be a struggle but we can get it done!

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